Gandhi Tour celebrating 140 Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi

The Gandhi Tour and the World March for Peace and Nonviolence are celebrating the 140 Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi.The World March will begin in New Zealand on October 2, 2009, the anniversary of Gandhis birth, declared the International Day of Nonviolence by the United Nations. It will conclude in the Andes Mountains (Punta de Vacas, Aconcagua, Argentina) on January 2, 2010.
The "first-ever symbolic march" that will have participants from all around the world traveling through 100 countries across five continents to call for "an end to all wars and the use of arms to resolve conflicts."

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Comment by s ace ixik on October 10, 2009 at 4:20am
We should allow ourselves to use the big yellow M all over the World to transfer that telepatically in a MeMory Stick for the huMan Mind ... this is a peoples act that highly stiMulates the Mission at Charge in about no tiMe ...

At the end of that Walk it Might bring up this vision on oneness and number 13 :

simply said codeM ~ all oh so positive M's in our vocabulary ...

M is the 13th character in the 26 character alphabet ...

;-) naMasté
Comment by s ace ixik on October 10, 2009 at 4:09am
Great to Have this Walk ...

It Brings back in Memory of All Peoples Hearts the Walks from Bapu - Mahatma - and also the Missions with a big Yellow M from Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela => the 3 M's as a Trinity supporting the Nobel Peace Prize that is awarded to mr. president Barack ObaMa ...

Those figure come here together in a Most iMportant TiMe ...

Thank and AffirMation to All who Manage to Participate and Mentally Mind up as a MeMbear in this Walk ...

S'ace froM the Metherlands ;-)

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Music 4 Peace / Tobias Huber posted a blog post

Gandhi Tour TV celebrating Mahatma Gandhi's birthday

Gandhi Tour TV celebrating Mahatma Gandhi's birthdayOct 2nd 2016, the United Nation‘s International Day of NonviolenceMusic 4 Peace presents the Gandhi Tour TV celebrating Mahatma Gandhi's 146th birthday on Oct 2nd 2016, the United Nation‘s International Day of Nonviolence, with a global live broadcast on Gandhi Tour TV, that is supported by Peace Day TV, the official broadcaster of the United Nation‘s International Day of Peace. Europe broadcast 19:30 PM - 23:59 PM (London Time) on Oct 2nd, 2016 / United States broadcast 19:30 PM - 23:59 PM (New York Time) on Oct 2nd, The Gandhi Tour TV combines the power of music, art and media to call for peace and a culture of nonviolence with featured celebrities, local artists and well known International stars from around the globe. Music 4 Peace - Gandhi Tour TV‘s main goal is to stop extreme poverty by providing clean drinking water. The Music 4 Peace projects are supporting the achievements of the United Nation‘s Millennium Development Goals. The Gandhi Tour is a touring peace concert and a global music festival built up with the intent to arise social change by uniting people through the universal language of music. This global music event creates a platform for cultural dialogue relating to all cultures and religions inspired by the life of Mahatma Gandhi with the support of Dr. Arun Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi's grandson.www.music4peace.comTo support the Gandhi Tour:Shop at our online Store: Donate at: More

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