Tobias Huber on 1001 Ways world fusion project performing at GoMAD Festival in India

1001 Ways is a world music band whose music crosses national boundaries and musical styles. Different musical styles come together to create a funky, chilled out beat. Here’s the band’s founder Tobias Huber, taking some time out with goMAD.

goMAD: What are you working on?
Tobias Huber:
 The release of the new Album “Dream come true” in Oct. Organizing a world tour (USA / EU / Asia) for the 1001 Ways project in 2014.  I’m working as well on a new “Gandhi” song with some Indian artists and producers planned to be released in 2014.

goMAD: You’re from Switzerland, Cameron and the Philippines. Where and how did you guys meet and start jamming together?
Tobias Huber:
 The 1001 Ways world fusion project always collaborated with artists from different cultures, mostly I meet musicians, jamming at cultural venues and private parties.

goMAD: The band performs at a lot of music festivals all over the World. Which are your favorites?
Tobias Huber:
Earthdance Peace Festivalhub event in California

-Paleo Festivalin Switzerland

goMAD: Where did you hear about goMAD Festival first?
Tobias Huber:
- In 2012 online on Earth Sync

- This year got a reminder from Reverbnation

goMAD: Have you performed in India before?
Tobias Huber: Yes, I was invited from the Indian Government in the late 90s for a cultural Tour (Delhi, Bhubaneswar, Mysore…) as live musicians of a Theater performance. The 1001 Ways world fusion project “Gandhi program” will be an Indian premiere!

goMAD: How do you feel about your upcoming goMAD experience. Will you be performing from your new album titled Gandhi?
Tobias Huber:
 I’m excited to participate with my music to create a magical Festival vibe! Yes I will perform the “Gandhi program” feat. the original voice of Mahatma Gandhi including original Film footage… as well songs from the new album “Dream come true” and some new songs.

goMAD: How long are you in India? Will you be performing anywhere else in India?
Tobias Huber: 
Will be in India until mid of Dec. Yes I’m planning to play concerts in Bangalore, Goa, Mumbai and Delhi.

goMAD: Band’s fav time pass together, apart from making music of course?
Tobias Huber: 
Traveling the world exchanging experiences with people from different cultures.

goMAD: Band’s motto?
Tobias Huber: 
Music for Peace, Be the Change you wish to see.

goMAD: If your band had a theme song, which would it be?
Tobias Huber:
 The song “Dream come true

goMAD: Describe 1001 Ways in one sentence.
Tobias Huber: 
1001 Ways is incorporating the old with the new, with deep lyrics and a large multicultural background this music transport’s a vision of peace and tolerance.

goMAD: Any message for your fans?
Tobias Huber:
 Hope to see many of you at the GoMad Festival

- Stand by soon our new Album “Dream come true” will be released worldwide!
- See new video from the Music 4 Peace Concert on Gandhi’s Birthday UNESCO heritage site in Nepal:


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Music 4 Peace / Tobias Huber posted a blog post

Music 4 Peace / Tobias Huber posted a blog post

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Music 4 Peace / Tobias Huber posted a status
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