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Nihonismus (nihonism), a new form of art

Alexander Snehotta of Kimratshofen is an artist from the quarter rich in tradition, Maxvorstadt-Schwabing, in Munich where he also lives and works. He is 1st executive board of the artists’ association Kunstrefugium e.V. and a member of the artist union "color chimeras". Within the last few years the freelance artist already had quite a number of groups and individual exhibitions which partly received the attention of the press. After a long… Continue

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The Samurai of Art (thinking by nonthinking)

About his life

• 1969: born in Munich, Germany

• Since 1978: basic principles of script- and sign painting, learned from father. Developed an interest in history, particularly ancient and medieval history.

• 1984/1985: relocation to Altusried near Kempten, Allgäu Region, Bavaria, Germany

• Since 1986: intensive engagement with all aspects of heraldry

• 1989: graduation from Fachoberschule (FOS) – Technical… Continue

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12/13 september: tantra workshop, 25 okt. open day!

Info at:

Asherah van den Berg


Centrum voor Spirituele Bewustwording, Massage en Energetisch lichaamswerk

Grote Stegel 3 A


045-5465501 045-5465501

06-20558935 06-20558935

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The Gandhi Tour supports the Global LIVE H2O Concert on 19. - 21. June 2009

This 72-hour global event is designed to heal the world from within and bring humanity back to unity and security in the name of LOVE, by celebrating Water. The new concept in harmony, connecting us All through the water that sustains the planet and makes up most of our bodies. Three days of education and musical celebration will change the world simply by expanding awareness about the many miracles Water performs eternally without asking any thanks. The Global "Water Blessing… Continue

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Mahatma Gandhi and peace

 Mahatma Gandhi is greatly respected as one who championed non-violent action. He re-wrote the meaning of forgiveness, non-violence and love by adopting peaceful means to fight for rights.

With peace as a weapon of action, with forgiveness as a means towards love, he defeated violence and fought for the freedom of the oppressed and marginalized communities under British rule in India and in South Africa. The meaning of peace is to offer happiness.

He stared at peace and…


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I am on Tour - I am the Entre-on-Tour. I am being the need to be the difference I wish to see. I am only the difference. The change is the difference all will see. So whilst I may not exercise my being "here" I am being everywhere.

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A Message to the Youth of the World

Look at who you are; youth of the world. 500 and more of you have come to Gandhi peace congress for thought and action for peace. Peoples of the world live together. Be aware of who you are.

How many of you want to be Satygrahis? How many want to cling to the truth? How many want to stand for truth? How many want to live with non-violence-love-Ahimsa? How many of you are already to be warriors for… Continue

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Things to remember

You are not alone.
Your Higher Self is there to guide you.
Life is circular and cyclical, keep an eye out for recurring patterns in your life.
There is nothing you will ever encounter that you are not able to handle.
You are a beautiful being of Light, who is so very loved.
There is no destination, as the true goal is alive in this moment.
Do not take yourself, or life too seriously, it is a game!
Enjoy it!

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My apology

I have not been vigilant as I ought to being active here, so my apology. I have been very busy these last weeks, and have also been seeking a deeper center within myself as I work on stabalizing my health which has seriously taken a nose dive with complications associated with diabetes and weakened kidneys ( perhaps a long term after effect of too many extended fasts). Balance is an extremely important consideration for karma work, and if you deliberately upset thaat balance, you will have to… Continue

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Blessings to all

The core of humanity's spirituality rests in the truths all that the

avatars in the past have tried to teach, and who chose selected

leaders throughout history to continue keeping humanity on a a right

course. It is as the Buddha taught, that right thinking, right action

and right intention clears the way for truth to prevail. Avatars are

like us in all ways, but have integrated the physical and spiritual in

more complete ways for the average person.

In… Continue

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Spiritual Quest

View my page on Spiritual Quest

We are Children of Unconditional, Universal LOVE --- connecting with each… Continue

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I think it would be most appropriate to recall the great Ahmedabad trial at this juncture when the centennial of the Gandhian satyagraha in South Africa is commemorated worldwide. When Mahatma Gandhi entered the Central Hall of the Government Circuit House at Ahmedabad on the 18th of March, 1922 to face a trial on a charge of sedition under section 124A of the Indian Penal Code… Continue

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Music 4 Peace


Music 4 Peace / Tobias Huber posted a blog post

Music 4 Peace / Tobias Huber posted a blog post

Music 4 Peace Live celebrating Int. Day of Nonviolence

Music 4 Peace Live celebrating the United Nation‘s Int. Day of Nonviolence Oct 2nd Music 4 Peace Live presents the Gandhi Tour TV celebrating Mahatma Gandhi's birthday on Oct 2nd , the United Nation‘s International Day of Nonviolence, with a global live broadcast on Gandhi Tour TV, that is supported by Peace Day TV, the official broadcaster of the United Nation‘s International Day of Peace. Europe broadcast 20:00 PM (London Time) on Oct 2nd, 2/ United States broadcast 20:00 PM (New York Time) on Oct Music 4 Peace Live combines the power of music, art and media to call for peace and a culture of nonviolence with featured celebrities, local artists and well known International stars from around the globe. Music 4 Peace - Gandhi Tour TV‘s main goal is to stop extreme poverty by providing clean drinking water. The Music 4 Peace projects are supporting the achievements of the United Nation‘s Millennium Development Goals. The Gandhi Tour is a touring peace concert and a global music festival built up with the intent to arise social change by uniting people through the universal language of music. This global music event creates a platform for cultural dialogue relating to all cultures and religions inspired by the life of Mahatma Gandhi with the support of Dr. Arun Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi's grandson.www.music4peace.comTo support the Gandhi Tour:Shop at our online Store: Donate at: More

Music 4 Peace / Tobias Huber posted a status

Music 4 Peace / Tobias Huber posted a status
"Music 4 Peace Live Broadcast is celebrating Mahatma Gandhi's birthday on Oct 2. Int.Day of Nonviolence"

Music 4 Peace / Tobias Huber's photo was featured

Music 4 Peace / Tobias Huber's photo was featured

Music 4 Peace - Gandhi Tour with Donna Karan in New York

Music 4 Peace - Gandhi Tour with Donna Karan's Urban Zen Initiative in New York:Carlos Leon, Harvey Leeds, Dr. Arun Gandhi, Donna Karan, Tobias Huber at Gandhi Tour Fundraiser NY

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